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Lombrosa Yacht - Yacht for sale market place !

Lombrosa Yacht - Yacht for sale market place !


“ Disrupting the way we are selling yacht in the world, get ready for Lombrosa Yacht the 1st market place of yachts for sale ! „

I am the founder of Lombrosa Yacht, 1st market place of international yacht brokers. We have yachts for sale everywhere in the world, from the used million dollar yacht to the fancy new megayacht. Sell your yacht or find yacht for sale in Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Greece, South Africa, Australia, California, Florida, everywhere in the world ! Have a look to www.lombrosayacht.com and find the yacht of yours dreams !

The yacht market is pretty taken by little agencies spread around the world, we want to build a strong network that will enable people to find a luxury yacht for sale anywhere in the world. The world is full of beautiful beaches, seas an oceans to discover, what better idea to make with millions dollars brand new boats.  

Our yacht brokers and dealers all have the same qualifications and local licences to make the purchase of a yacht easy, simple and secured. Our team is dedicated and speak different languages as the yacht industry is definitely a multi cultural environment.

With Lombrosa Yacht we perfectly understand the expectations of boat owners to overcome them with a high level customer satisfaciton. 

90% of our customers heard about us from word of mouth, and 80% of yacht seller through our network became buyer with us.

If you want to join and change the yacht industry, have a look to Lombrosa Yacht and contact us !

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